Joshua Warr…in his own words

I think I’ve always been drawn to directing in some capacity. In college, as a dance minor, I was choreographing a lot. As a kid I would direct these small neighborhood stagings of my favorite musicals, too. I guess I’m drawn to the driver’s seat. But in 2012 I had the opportunity to direct Tape by Stephen Belber, and I fell in love. I fell hard. It’s like a monster was awakened inside of me. And it’s all I want to do now. Tell stories. Solve problems. Create art. Direct. Direct. Direct. Lather, rinse, repeat.



My friend, and super talented playwright, Matthew McLachlan gave me so many opportunities to direct his work when I was just starting out. Through working on his plays, I found my flow, my voice, and my process. He’s been a huge influence on me as a director. Actor and director Alberto Bonilla has also had a great deal of influence in my life. As my mentor, he’s guided me through so much, taught me the ropes. And last, and most importantly, Master Acting Teacher Maggie Flanigan. She taught me true artistry and the respect and honor for craft. It’s her voice asking for truth I hear the most.


I’m inspired by smart writing. Writing that when spoken, it sounds like a symphony. I’ve been told lately that I gravitate towards relationship stories - I guess I’m fascinated by the conflicts within love. I’m a sucker for love. True love. What can happen when we love too hard? Can love ever be dangerous? But great writing definitely gets me in the zone. Move me. Take me on a journey. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Make me angry. Then I know we are onto something!